Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

It seems that Singapore haze has gone up till 100+

Was back from the hotel The hotel that I'm in was Tower 1.. And in the morning(Today), I went to the swimming pool thats in the Tower 2 57th Floor! The water was warm, my sister said that it was so cold
This is a very short,giddy video of the swimming pool: (Uhh,please don't care about the peoples,also, volume down your computer volume in case it is loud)

Original Video

I have some pictures too (Drag to a new tab if you can't see)

Look at this! The hotel is like sloping, the higher it is, the larger. Its combined together.

My sister says that they're currently building this :)

More, I like the ones inside, its like a dollhouse

Look at these small tiny people!

... Look at the Haze ...

Haze all around , I can hardly breath (Its like smoke)

Ends here Might post more in the next entry! :D

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