Hey there!^^ I just wanted to change a little bit as the old profile page was SUPER lame 

Name : Angel
Birth : 10/03/--
Hobby : drawing/watching anime,runningman/eat!/internet-ing/blogging
Loves : Pitch Perfect~/Taylor Swift^^/and everything ABOVE :)

Angel's my cybername, and I don't reveal my or friends' real names although I'm expressing my own thoughts. I have lots of cyberfriends in the current game I'm playing (Imo : The world of Magic) ^^ I don't LOVE making friends in cyberworld-- I mean not too much. I can control what I do, as in I would always think twice whatever I do.

This year, 2013, I have to go to a new school (high) and it is really stressful especially the teachers expect us to do everything orderly (thats impossible within the class).

Sometimes I love to do crazy things and I ALWAYS feel like sleeping T^T Love DRAWING, probably becoming an architect in the future?? >o<

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