About this site

Official Site Name : Ordinary Hut
Sub-official Name : Homeworks (No version)
Site was birthdate : The 7th September

The site's age was about 4 months. When I was younger, I always create new blogs and do things. But I was not in the CyberWorld yet. So I decided to create one which I will formally to be in the world and will be friends with other bloggers :)

Why OrdinaryHut I says?The Hut was thought by my sister, but so I think up of a adjective :) And others I thought was taken, so I chose ordinary as in normal.

The layout is done by Wendy. But I changed some colours and banners here. All credits are written the end of the page and 100% copyrighted even tho its not what I made :D


Designer :  Wendy
Editor     :  Angel
Banner    : Adobe Photoshop
Smilies    : Amelia and Crystal (Some are in my albums which I uploaded long ago)