Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jacintha's Halloween Contest

Joined Jacintha's Halloween Contest.

-As usual,it is a SOTM(Site of the month)contest.

-It will be judged on Simplicity, Kawaii, Colour Combination, Originality, Neatness, Best Url.

-The contest MUST have at least a min. of 10 contestants and a max.of 20 contestants.

-1st 2nd 3rd = Signatures, Advertising Spot, Banners
-2 Merits = Banners,Advertising Spot
-Others(Neatness,etc.) = Banners,Advertising Spot
-Non-winners = Participation Banners.

- Joining till 23.10 (Sat) when max contestants reached.
Judging - 24.10.Sunday
Results - No later then 31.10.

-Email Jacintha at with your name and url.

-A confirmation email will be sent to you.

-Place the banner somewhere in your site.

Join the halloween contest now as the max is only 25 contestants! :)

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