Monday, October 18, 2010


Went to swimming yesterday! At first when I got into the water, I could hardly breath Because it just like the water is massaging my stomach When I run in the pool, it looks like im still in the same spot I doesn't know how to swim Especially like the frog leg one, I don even know how to do it And after that, I went to a slide! Its scary, I lye down and down even dare to look below. After that long slide, me and my sister went to a curl up slide. It was the most scariest of all! Its like.. I lye down then the instructor asked to take off my specs. I hold it in my hand, then when I slide down, the sound in my ear was like u hearing the sound in a seashell. Then I got bored(LOL) , then I came up, still in there! Then when it was speeding, I closed my eyes and take a deep breath, then splash into the water It was scary..

Listening to some music and browsing through the internet~ Might play Sims 2 later

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