Sunday, November 7, 2010


Back from my trip to Malaysia~
It was really fun!
My brother's Godma brought us go to Malaysia's Genting. And invited some of their relatives.
For about.... 5 teenagers, 6 childrens, 2 small kids. Which makes us about 13 small people! But only 10 of us played together. Bumper car was fun! The story of us Bumper Car:

'While we were queuing up, theres a small boy probably 8/9 years old cut queue, then a girl like said: Eh?! Why he cut queue?? Oi, go back la " LOL. Then her sis look irritated said that shouldn't treat like that. The girl who scold was Sec2 and the sis was Sec3. They look close but Sec3 was much more serious, Sec2 was playful. Then the small guy queued up, then the oldest boy in our group go to our last, blocking the small guy. When he was sitting on the mental thing, the small boy had a idea of going under his legs. In the end, failed. After its our turn of playing, left 6 cars but we had 10 people. A family with 6 people played then the small boy was blocked. Then finally our turn comes! We played, all revenges target the small boy. All bump him, so we cannot U turn... LOL! Its was like bullying him but he looks like his backing off us. '

You might think my story was boring, BUT in fact it was really fun. You think Sec2 is so fierce but she's quite playful. You think that shes not good because I describe her boring.. Aw, I wanna go back!
Must add them on Facebook! I promise them

By the time I came home, 11PM+ I was really sleepy at school.

Listening to some music~

Also, I didn't won Jacintha's contest.

It feels like, I didn't won in any contests before.. "Is my site really that bad?"

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