Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hong Kong

My sister went to Hong Kong for like learning. Only those who signed up. But when my mother and father fetched her to the airport, very little students(Secondary),about, 8 like that But the students who signed up, will be staying at a buddy's house. Just a personal with the family Yesterday night, my sister use her buddy's computer to on the webcam, but nothing, only the voice, but the laptop we're using have webcam. My sis said that they're friendly Wanting to visit them one day.

On my last day of school, (Forgot the date) I had the last training lesson CCA. My CCA is about Animation. At the end of the lesson, my group won in 2nd place in a competition! Only 3 of us, but I was the one who do everything. If I handle to them, it will be a.. messy work, so I do everything. Well, I hope to join that CCA again..

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