Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm sure you guys have heard of SNSD! In the past, they are not popular, but when they found a superb songwriter, they are popular in their country,South Korea. Its called "Gee".
There are a North and South Korea, I think last time they had a fight and they separated.
They now have a Japanese version of Genie, Gee or maybe more. But now, they have a new song called Hoot!

Thats the video in youtube, their MV!
Well, the translation was quite long, so I'm not gonna post it up..

The Hoot's Hangul
On a side note, people have been asking about the cowboy/cowgirl western theme, and SM Entertainment is either very clever, or it was a complete coincidence, but…if you look closely at the hangul for “Hoot”, you should be able to notice that it looks like a person with a cowboy hat on.

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