Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can I use the computer?

I really don't know if I could use the computer this year... BUT, my sister says that if I could finished my homeworks in the afternoon I got back home from school, I could use in the night But the problem IS the homework! And TESTS, EXAMS! And usually I hate pop quizzes. Do you hate it? So, everyone is going HIATUS? As for me, its unknown

I have a screenshot of my Maple

You could click it for bigger upload :D


  1. aw I hate that too, actually.. I hate all kind of tests,quizes and exams x)
    And the Maple picture looks cute.
    I tried to download on my computer but it won't work TT__TT

  2. The maple was my brother who downloaded it.. Well, first day of maths, the teacher gave us a recapping quiz = =