Monday, March 7, 2011


YAY. My birthday is on 10 March :D Damn happy but things aren't going the way I want this year. Im giddy o_o Well, Im sort of back, just browse around tagging people back :D So, its quite boring right? >< What should I post everything? :P
Oh yea, maybe 2 jokes I seen on my friend's joke book!
  • Which day(s) is the strongest?
  • Ans: Sat and Sun! Because week days are weak.
  • What one egg said to another egg?
  • Ans: "Lets get cracking!"
Nice? I think its funny if u don't :D Well, bored. Cya!


  1. Happy Birthday. Advance. lol. :)

    <3 GRYSH

  2. Happy early birthday :D Lol