Monday, April 4, 2011


Julie gave me awards for her editing contest! But I can't post it since I don't have the URL.Asking for it later :P

Anyway, my maths teacher again I don't understand her way of teaching. Like, today she asked me a question and its not even clear! She said I'm like the blur kind and I was thinking :"WHAAAAAT?! LIKE REAL?! You are the kind,okay? " I hope to change teachers! Like my whole class hate her and she said "I feel like a fool teaching right here using my free time for you people." YEA,RIGHT! She's been like using up our SS,english periods -.-


  1. oh here is the URL for the prizes angel!
    here: and i hope you like the prizes :D


  2. yay lucky enough for me I haven't experienced rude and vague math teachers. My math teacher when I was a freshman, he was funny, then when i was a sophomore and a junior, our teacher was like a mother to me and my past teacher on trigo, he was my spa and one of my closest :)