Sunday, May 29, 2011

June hols

Its been so long since I last updated! But, still June Hols are here~

I intend to study my next term's Mathematics and play! :D

My June Hols To-do List:
  • Play computer *
  • Read books of Young People Fiction [Well, but Im still in the kids section :d]
  • Exercise (Sports)
  • Go swimming and out of house
  • Go school [Reluctantly]
  • Watch Kung Fu Panda 2! **
  • Facebooking
  • Eat alot of junk food [Chips! :D]
Aha! This To-Do list is perfect fer me! :D Altho I cancelled school. :o
Listening to Tara's I Go Crazy Because Of You :D Nicee

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