Sunday, May 1, 2016

3 years..

oh my gosh just oh my gosh. HOW MANY YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE I LAST BLOGGED ITS BEEN 3 YEARS. and i'm cringing now because of the way i was typing and how childish i was omg hahaha xD!! everyone has been once there before

omg it's cool how i seen some affies still continue blogging even after i (unintentionally) 'quit' :O makes me wanna do it again! i'm not sure but are people still blogging nowadays?:/ i checked some affies' links and some of them are gone..and i'm not sure if blogging will still be as fun in the past where, people always tag each other on the tagboards.. reading everyone's daily posts.. bloghopping.. you know?

please tell me there's still a person from that 'era'!!  my impression's that all kids nowadays are just using their mobile devices.. hooked up on youtube.. social medias.. is blogging still even one of them? :/

i still remember when i was 'addicted' to blogging, like how i loved to study html codes (but i fail bc am still young i guess) and always visited blogskins .com hahah
and there are actually one of those more well-known bloggers in the 'blogging' community and most of them are teens at that time (i was 11-12 oops)
they're probably 20 and gone (in the community) now
i'll check soon!!

for now i have mid year exams and holy i would wanna change my blogskin and the theme this is way too pink hahaha

see ya! leave a tag/comment if u read this!! am gonna be surprised if there's anyone

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