Friday, December 17, 2010

Jamie's Contest

Here to post by again :) I've joined Jamie's Contest..

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You cannot have a private blog
The banner must be found somewhere on your site.
No vulgarities or obscene pictures.
Write about this contest
No blogshops, and resource sites
Only English blogs

She will be judging on:

1.Neatest blog
2.Best colour combination
3.Best contest post
4.Most kawaiish site
5.Most original blog.
6.Most creative blog.
7.Most stylish blog.
8.Best design blog.

**Please note**
minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 20 participants.

How to join?
Tag at Jamie's tagboard saying that you are joining.
Please put ur URL and Name.

Joining:17 December to 29 December
Judging:29 December to 31 December
Result:31 December, latest: 3rd January.
**Please note that if the number of participants does not reach 10,The contest will extend.**

Winner(1st-3rd)Two buttons,A banner and Advertsing ur blog for two months
Merits( 4th - 6th ) will get a button,A banner and Advertsing ur blog for 1 month
Topic winners:Two button and a banner
Rest of the participants will each get a button and banner

Do join :) She's gonna be my classmate next year! Yay! :D

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