Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kate's Contest

Just readed the rules :) I've joined Kate's December - January Contest.

** Rules **
1. No private blogs please
2. English blogs only
3. Post about this contest
4. Put the banner somewhere in your site until January
5. No bad contents

** Judges **
Kate and one of her friend

** Judging At **
2. Colour Mixing
4. Creativity
5. Best Design

** Note that **
- Judging will be done at January

- You must mail her in order to join
- Participants must be not less then 10

To Join, you need to email Kate at ""
If you didn't mail her doesnt mean you didn't participate, she's just afraid that she will miss my messages in the tagboard cause she'll be gone for 2 weeks. It is just to anticipate missing participants.

** Starts from **
Today - Some day in January

**If participants less then 10, then it will be changed into a Random Lucky Draw

** Prizes **
1st Place: 2 buttons, 2 months advertisement, 1st place winner banner
2nd place: 2 buttons, 1 and a half month advertisement, 2nd place winner banner
3rd place: 1 button, 1 month advertisement, 3rd place winner banner
1 Runner up: A runner up banner
Others: Participating banner

Do join her contest if u have time :)

Today nothing really happened, just woke up and "!", so late and Im still sleeping.

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