Friday, October 21, 2011

EL Paper 1

Hi ,

Im going crazy , so stay away from me I just had my EL Paper 1 todayyy You know, the composition I kept thinking "Im gonna flunk this test, yay, nayyyy!! T^T " Crazy-- weirdo, bakaaa!

Lucky no homework Computer, muwahaha... Im just crazy, like everyyytime.

*Change Topic*
Umm, recently a child gets hit by a car? Ridiculous CRAZYY drunk driver Eat too much bread ; You get drunk eating too much bread <- Dun learn from me. Its false


  1. i know about the child that got hit by a car, but I didn't watch it, I couldn't :( it's so sad. I hope she may rest in peace. :( so young to die... that poor kid...

  2. Hi.. your blog looks cool.. Hhmm.. I'm thinking, would you like to be one of my blogroll? We could exchange links.. Should you consider me, feel free to contact me. See yah around.. Thanks in advance..

  3. Ayielle : Ikr :(

    Jazmine : Whats your blog? :)