Friday, December 23, 2011



These few days aren't much into cyberworld > < Except those everyday-go webs, Facebook, youtube ;) And yea, the title says Manga, which is comic in Japan. I seriously wanna be a manga artist >_> But my sister told me that (forgotten who) 'someone' 's father said that you can be anything, but not artist. Why? Because when you be artist, you'll (maybe) not be famous. Only till you die, you'll be remembered, like Vincent van Gogh ! o-o So yea, must find another 'dream' job. But my hobby could be drawing ^^

I wanna have an iPod.. but my major exam next year stops me from getting it :( I'm seriously addicted to a game in the Apps Store. Its an MMORPG, and you can talk to people online, its like Maplestory. But I only can use my mom's phone, which gives me less time to 'train', and.. yea :)

Currently, Im drawing anime-like on a paper, not so nice >< So byee!

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