Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100th Post

As the title says, its the 100th post~ I'm back! BUT it's the second day of school Seriously... these are the teachers I have of my subjects :
  • Form Teach. : Mrs L.
  • Eng Teach. : Ms H.
  • Math Teach. : Mrs L.
  • Sci Teach. : Mr L.
  • MT Teach. : Ms C. Lucky its not the MT HOD teacher! Phew..
Those are the more important subjects, and these are the teachers for other activites:
  • P.E. Teach. : Mr A.
  • Music Teach. : Ms K.
  • SS Teach. : Mrs L.
  • Art Teach. : Mr H.
Made them bold Cause they're much much much nicer than the subjects above them. And my science teacher, Mr L (Keeping their name secret), is so much into technology, he uses Twitter to twit about things (Hw, google docs for us to complete, etc). He also have a blog, posts stuff like worksheets and answers. But one thing is that, hes fierce !! At a loss... And my form teacher, Mrs L (teaches my class maths and SS), is kinda nice, and bad. I seriously hope Im getting outa there!! IDK what to do now.. Ending here ! :D BBYE


  1. hiya there... lovely layout you've got there.. it's the 2nd day of new school term in Malaysia too XD your science teacher is so cool to use the internet for everything XD

  2. I have a techy teacher too. And it's kind of cool.