Monday, January 16, 2012


Blank~ Nothing to write >< Haven't post for about 2weeks? These days been playing WeTopia; a new game in Facebook. Try it out! It helpes people (Haiti,US, Africa coming soon!) in real life. There's even videos, go check em' out! :D

Hmm, I also received a award today. Its Edusave Scholarship o.o By MOE (SG) and got $150 :)
And remember I always post stuffs about MsHo? (Kinda dislike her) She's on MC today(with an extra lesson cancelled. YAY) and my whole class was like "YESSSSS......!!!!" Lol, ridiculous. They've been criticizing her in FB, saying bad stuffs.

My class is really really lame. All of them acts cool, except some, like blur-ers.

Ending here now! :D Help me to click the nuffnang on the right side >> With an advertisment, if it comes out :) See you all!

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  1. Haven't tried (and known) WeTopia yet. Better check it out. I, too, haven't posted for a while now, and that's because of (fuuuuu) school.