Sunday, February 26, 2012


Things are getting bad in school! Firstly, we had our English exam 3 days ago, and after we(class) came back from weekend, our teacher was extremely angry, and said half of the class had fail :( Im scared Im one of them. And today we had Maths exams, which is so so so hard! I gonna fail.

Secondly, okay btw this a long story : A girl (for example) named Cathy. My whole class hated her, and she was like the complain queen that kind. But shes my friend. On facebook, of my class group, said bad things about her, and she got kicked out of the group, before that all was posted. She kept pestering me what they had written about her. I dun wanna to do so, then I did not send to her, the next day, she kinda complained to me why I didn't. Thenn, the next or next next day I sended it to her.
Next day, (today) my teacher called some of our classmates out for something. When they all came back, the teacher said,"When you all go facebook, do not post bad stuffs about people!" I looked at Cathy, she was trying hard to do her work. A boy came to me and said, "Did you tell teacher? Cus the image teacher let us see, got your name." I was O.O i did not tell teacher, I swear. Classmates joked,"Wow! Teacher professional hacker." I asked Cathy, she said she did not.
Later, everybody in the class said I was the one! I hoped class ended sooner..
End class, me and Cathy went to the washroom, she wanted to call her mother. She said,"Surely my mother!! She saw it! She so what, she say after exams then discuss, then she go tell teacher," Then I talked abit to her mother on the phone. Well, at least I had my own friends. (For example) I had a friend called Sara, she excels in maths and she was kinda 'bigger'(I dont mind), and she had like no friends instead of me and Cathy. Everyone else be friends with her because she was good in maths, which others dont.
Yea, thats it :( Bad dayy! Seriously... Im gonna have my mothertongue exam tomorrow. HOPE IT goes well! My class really spreads rumor, wth. Cant face anyone anymore =.=


  1. Oh wow troubles in ur class!
    But I hope your exam went fine, and that you got a good grade though :-)

  2. Facebook is a public place no matter how private you set your profile with... So think before clicking and posting... :) that's the lesson. :)

  3. omg I had the same issue the last two weeks for my classes!! My exams were really tough and the teachers kept scaring us that we'll all fail :/
    I hope you got good grades though :)