Thursday, May 3, 2012

Different things :)

Wow, didn't on blogger for a long time. Which makes a disadvantage (for me). The word tagboard! Okay so, I have tons of tags to reply? :o

Btw, I really love this new Blogger look haha xD Should I reply taggies? > < I know its obvious but I'm kinda busy.. Its May now!

Also, I'm really into BOOKS these days. I don't know why! It just happened to me. I haven't visited the library for a long long time. I always borrow books and don't read them and throw them away*

And I have lots of school stuffs* :( I hate it! 

Cool blogger :) !! Can expand~ Listening to Safe & Sound ^^ <3

* - Return them. (Drop them down the 'hole')
* - CCAs going on, exams, tests (mock exam), HOMEWORK

I tried doing this (^ above) for fun! :D

Oh by the way, I love this book (series) : a Maggie Brooklyn mysteries (2 books onlyyy )
And currently reading a series called Beacon Street Girls ..? It sounded strange. to me.

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