Friday, August 17, 2012


Nowadays I'm really busy with school and omg I haven't post for months!

Firstly, I have a major exam going on this year, and I just had oral yesterday and today. Well, its quite 'fun', lol ^^ Even if you tell a lie, they won't know and..... imagine this :

(School Oral with school's teachers) Walk in, good morning blabla. Conversation - What kind of competitions did u experience or wadever. You say "I'm in (E.g) the Badminton team and once we went to a competition and we won!!" <- more details lol. Then one of the teachers in front of u is the Badminton In-charge teacher. Awkward right?? >_>

However, I still had fun! Yeah, fun at the wrong time... Well! I should go on a hiatus..?
Yeah. I've decided. HIATUS!!!! Lol. I'll post sometime when I'm bored :)


I don't even know why I put a smiley face lol. Kay, see you next time~ *salute

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