Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exam's Over

Found a pretty photo at weheartit to start off the post ^^ 

And yeah, exam's over!! Yay :D But I don't know whut's my results gonna be like. Prayed hard it be good since it kinda depends on my future .-. 

Ohk, so there's not much things to talk about LOL o.o
And... I love Running Man, makes me laugh out loud alott :) I love We Got Married too. Especially Sunhee couple! The only couple that will still play even on a deserted island :D Hahaa

K. I've oso been watching NiceGuy aka Innocent man. But mann the plot is really complicated. That Jae Hee shouldn't have started off as a reporter at first so she doesn't have to meet any guy to kill them if need to. o.o This is kinda spoilers. 

Okok, I still have school tomorrow ^^ Kinda fun, without studying again.

Good-bye :)

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