Friday, November 16, 2012


Y' know whut? I'm reallyy scared for my exam's results!! Its like okay im gonna kill myself anytime soon. Okay lets change the subject.

Im making a new layout. Well not exactly making but editing. Cause I forgot most stuffs about blogging T^T And its hopeless. I cant even make a simple banner and that ruined the whole thing. I'm waiting for Audrey to let me know some codes I asked for. OKAY. lets stop.

Oh wait y' know whut?? I have a project at school. with groups of course :) And then it was supposed to be like selling stuffs at school and then having a survey with our schoolmates whether they liked it or not - like a business. Not kidding but at first I felt like my group was hopeless. Because, because of this thing my friends and I were like quarreling with each other of what we want. So my advice was 'Dont start a business'. okay you can start, dun follow me Lol ^^ its just gonna be hard.
So, what did we sell?

  • Snacks (KitKat,Twistie,Mentos,some sweets I LOVED called HawFlaw)
  • Keychain (with some black paper(not the colorful black paper) to write your name with a white pen)
  • Mystery Bag (a total failure, nobody tried it haha^^)
  • Laminated(is that right?) Photos. (of popular artists such as 1D(okay everybody is going crazy because of them-girls), TaylorSwift!! my idol, kpops (o.o), etc)
  • We also had packages.
Yeah. We used up $28 to have all these stuffs. The photos are for free :) My friend has the machine. 

And then the worst (okay not exactly the worst, one of em) thing was, another group copied our idea. Of the laminated photos. They changed it into bookmarks. (And so I was just trying to make negative comments about them since the COPIED us, haha xD) They also sticked photos of artists to books. They didnt exactly copy us but, they got 'inspirations' from us. But okay a bad one. I mean what the hell?? If I were them I wouldnt copy cause Im scared they would scold us but??? Whats wrong with 'em!

BUT come on look on the bright side! We earned $42!! How great was that! :DD I was omg really?? And I screamed out loud until the people in the class was like "Shut up!!" when the teacher wants to say something.

And that group? I forgot whether they earned lesser or more. But I guessed more. Then the teacher said they used more capitol. Which was like $51. I was going nuts cause some notebooks and bookmarks (and probably some other stuffs?) would cost $51. They had a loss of $6. I was like okayy.. Afterall, the 'good guy' wins.

Im seriously talking alot. I bet no one reads this :P Oh well, byeee! I love red. Taylor!! :D

Waait. I still have one more thing to talk about. Its XFACTOR!!! USA. I really want Cece Frey to win badly D: I know some of u said shes bad but XFACTOR IS ALL scripted. They want to add in drama so that people will watch. I hate u all, cece's haters! So now that she showed some real tears, can u all stop saying negative stuffs about her?? Example, she act like shes crying but theres no tears. She doesn't even have her family members to support her cause they have no money.

Plus, DemiLovato is trying to change everyone in her section! And she's definitely giving Cecelia (her real name) bad song choices!! Now that really depends on how she performs on stage.

Speaking of which, can someone help me vote for cece.. Im not in USA T^T

Xfactor - scripted scripted scripted scripted :(

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