Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hi. *mindless

*Back to normal again* 
Okay so, I got back my results.. and the exam isss.. PSLE. Yeah. To be truthful, I'm not one of those smart(or smart-alec) bloggers. I'm just meee, which is like ordinary.

K, so? How much did I get... lets guess... hmm sorry but thats a secret. I can only tell u it is 100+, sadly. But its a high one so.. :)

Next subject please. So, my sister and I have been bringing food into our room and as a result, ants are coming in. And you know wad? I hate ants. ALOT. I cant squash them, cus that is LIKE sooooooo disgusting anddd its smelly. Yuck. So wadd do I do. I used scotch tape and stick them up LOL but nah I don't squash them still :)  and those ants are like... hmm orange and yellow colored ants..? they're small. I hate them! They should know whats gonna happen if they come out but they infiltrate the room!! Thats why that happened in the end..

I feel sleepy now. Alot of people don't read my blog now. So.. hahah, I can only laugh now. I still get to watch RunningMann, I lovelovelovelove them :D Theyre so funny like hellz you can die. 

kayy so byebye :D VOTE FOR CECE VOTE FOR CECE if voting is allowed.

 Oh yea by the way, Im currently watch SuperNanny. You should try watching it, those kids are just.. chaotic.

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