Saturday, December 1, 2012

IMO: The World Of Magic

Hi ^^ These days I've been playing the MMORPG's Imo : The world of magic, or you call it TWOM.

This is just a small introduction. Those two realms are Siras and Lanos. My server is Bigmama, haha the name sounds weird but yea.

In Bigmama, Siras are:
  • Untalkative (don't talk much on 'shout' chat)
  • unforgivable (LOL), if you pk (player kill) them, you will be put on their kill on sight(kos) and they will be back for revenge.
  • Strong (most of the strong ones are from siras)
Lanos are:
  • Friendly(most)/Talkative :)
  • Slightly more forgivable then siras (Lol)
  • Strong but a little weaker then Siras.
Just look at the introduction picture. Lanos looks more like the good guy right?? Theres light and Siras are dark haha

Lol.. if you wanna play, then pm me ^^

Another addiction I'm into, is Tiffany Alvord~!!

She has a new song! "My Heart Is". I LOVE THE REMIX. ALOT.

You should listen to it! You can buy her CD at her store ^^ Oh btw shes a youtube star singer :)

She said that she created this song while wanting to help people who are needy and if you donate your money, it will go to a charity to help all those people. :) Such a great person.

Oh and I was like why don't she go to X Factor Lol even thought she produces her own songs. It'll be more interesting!! :D haha


  1. Looks like fun! I might play it! :D

  2. Ah I wanna play it :o
    Is it online / download ?

  3. It's fun i think! :p This is soooo true! Follow for follow, please? (: I will follow you back! (: