Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yes.. I've become a real otaku recently, which means I love manga and anime! xD One anime I love alottt, is Gosick! Its awesome! You should watch it. But I was kind of scared of it (until Ep4) and didn't watch it for a few months before I started to watch it again, and its amazing!!

So lately, I've signed up for Manga Art lessons and the teacher's drawings are damn cool and nice.
Yesterday I learned how to draw a background, which have different perspective and angles.

Another addiction (again), is Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble ^^ I loved her 2012 AMA live show, definitely awesome.

And yea, I watched the X-Factor. I was soooo shocked. Why did Tate win?! They should allow voting out of USA, so Carly would win. Carly IS amazing, Tate has neutral voice but Carly is 13 years old, amazing. Whatever it is, I'm still okay with it xD At least Carly would have a contract right? I hope she becomes pro. :)

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