Wednesday, January 9, 2013

happy new year!

*Im begging you for mercy~

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Although I didn't watch the countdown shows hahah

So, new year... = SCHOOL. School... Although I'm sick of it, this is a NEW year, and a NEW school, new life, new friends, new subjects, new homework, new stresses, new-- everything!

I am now in sort of like high school. Glad that I made a few friends already~ ^^ Kinda love Geography :) I'm my class's Maths Representative o-o 

Today is... the 3rd day! of new school (official. We had orientation on Week 0) 

We also had to choose our CCA (called it here), Co-Curriculum Activities. In malaysia I guess its called ECA, Extra sth sth? :)

I'm selected for Chinese Dance! And Shooting. Idk which to choose as both has its pros and cons.
So, I've just decided to join chinese dance T^T I HATE the outfit! But oh well, our school's CD is awarded with Gold w/ Honor (highest highest medal) for 3 consecutive years! Great for my exams., if you know what I mean. 

Some of u guys (wait.. probably 1 or 2) asked me to post my drawings. Well, I think I should post it another time as I didn't uploaded it online. Hmm I guess I'll post it when Im blogging on mobile, that way its easier. But, Im just a beginner xD so sorryy ;-;

Watched Pitch Perfect like last month. Love it! :) Especially Fat Amy XD

Hahahaha this part! Treblemakers 'shot' her with some food and she didn't refill the fuel for the bus LOL. "Aca-believe it" Kinda sounds like I can't believe it. 'Aca-cuse me?' < excuse me? hahah

**Disclaimer : I am not cyberbullying.     :)

Because of pitch perfect, I've been introduced to Titanium although its old. Love it! The MV is like a movie xD

Btw, recently just watched finish Sword Art Online. nicenice, disgusting villian much? < Alfheim Online

Gotta eat now! :) see you guys! 

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