Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Its only week 2 and we have homework... TT I have to submit my Geography hw (love itt) by tomorrow but I have to print it in the school library by recess and I'm currently finding for my old thumbdrive but Idk where it went.

SIGH Im tiredd, how I wish holidays come againn.. and all those 'drama' in school.

I have a classmate named (not revealing real name) Chloe and she usually hanged out with Raquel, Linda and Payton. But nowadays Raquel and I have been close recently (we take the same bus, and we have alot of similarities like we always feel extra + shes damn funny! -in a weird way xD) and Chloe kinda feels angry and sad as Raquel always is with me. Now Chloe hates me. I was like wut?? just because of this?? 

Raquel said they 3 always don't care about her like during recess, I let Raquel go with Chloe to make them good again, but instead they sit in a table and talk bout other things, like Payton saying 3 of em have already signed up for some stuffs and Raquel always 'complain' "seee they leave me out and they say I leave them out" I dun really like Payton as she's kinda like the 'proudy proudy' kind of person. shes really mature, looks like some senior girls.

And so, during recess I hanged out with my other friend, Jassie, but she went with some 2 girls and talked about some stuffs. Its like, ok for example they are in a 'circle' and Jassie's back is TOTALLY facing me k. And Payton came and she just went with Linda and others. I was like T^T and went to my other 3 classmates, theyre nice though. Sophia, Allina, and Ava. so yeah, being with them is like 100x better then Jassie :( She kinda like totally ditched me but she apologized to me in class. In the bus, Raquel told me that Jassie felt like Payton was much funner so she (suddenly) went with them. Me?? Idk, more boring I guess. 

I havent found anyone who is an otaku except a girl infront left of me. Sophia said shes kinda crazy crazy but shes nice xD

ITS A LONG STORY and Idk how to say so I stop.

Its boring reading this. If you managed to read this whole thing... I salute and thank and appreciated you! I didn't even do anything to Chloe! Like we aren't even Friends!

I have to face it all.

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  1. stay strong c:
    some friends are true friends while some just stab us in the back. that's life~ we can only go with the flow.. hihi (o^_^)b