Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Okay so I haven't been blogging for 1 week?

I started continuing watching Accel World! :) PIGGYY~

So. I have Home Economics tomorrow and its about cooking T^T The only thing I know how to cook is Maggie Mi! The noodles~ I'm hoping to partner up with my bff, Raquel. Because we have this sort of thing, Register No. and I don't hope that they take 2 parts using odd numbers and even ones. Im odd and shes even! I don't even have any closee friends in the odd group. I have Allina and Ava but they surely pair up together so I'm totally alone alone alone~ Forever alone!

I like Beauty and the Beat cover by Kurt, Alex and Chrissy^^ The original one sucks. "I heard Justin Bieber did a cover on this." HAHAHA.

Okay Ima go and watch Accel World! Being busy lately D:

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  1. tagboard?? i don't think i hv one T.T what's ur mother tongue btw?? oh and you're welcome c: oh and if u wanna keep in touch u can follow my twitter~ im active there kekeke