Monday, January 28, 2013



Haha, do you still remember the previous post where I dreaded about Home Econs?? I. TOTALLY LOVE Home Econs right now! *heart* Lol.

So! Twitter.. Yes, I have twitter but it is only for real life and I follow my friends :) But! Although I'm kinda active not much people follow me LOL only 3 at the moment... e_e Its like I follow some friends(locked) and they accepted but they didn't follow me! We were once CCAs friends and we always just said 'Hi' whenever we see each other. Aren't twitter supposed to be like connecting to your friends? Not just increasing your followers? And decreasing your 'following'? So I unfollowed her and pending request again xD

I followed a few other friends but they are kinda looked inactive? :/ I dun wanna quit Twitter but o___o little followers. Its like talking to yourself. One of my followers is a popular girl in my old school ^^ She's really pretty and nice, and thats rare. She has like 400+ followers and 600++ following xD

Im just FOREVER alone~ even in my new class, I'm not in the pop group, although its not like I want to join.

Recently I've been watching PrankvsPrank xD Its awesome. As well as Baka to Test! Anime ^^ and just finished Accel World :D Although SAO is better to me~

Bored.. I think I'll go bathe now, just got back from school and ate :) See you in the next post~ :D

PS. If you managed to read the whole thing... woaah.. Thanks alott xD Click on the nuffnang ads~


  1. i read the whole thing~ ^__^ my twitter's @jaemi4esang kekeke do follow n i'll follow back. btw, ur from singapore??

  2. hey! interested in becoming friends?
    i have a twitter, it's @ohpenda
    if you follow me, i'll be sure to follow back.
    followed you in GFC, hope you can follow back too :D
    and yeah, interested in being affies?
    dont be insecure about ur popularity or anything.
    these things are just numbers. i'm not popular but people seem to know me but i dont know them. so i guess that's enough? haahahhaha i TRY to know people though. hahaha why am i telling you this? well, anyway, i hope you're on!

    lots of lovin'