Saturday, February 16, 2013

Different stuffs

TOTALLY. I just can't seem to hear/understand them.

I know it's kinda late but, 2 days ago, it was Valentine's Day. Yeaah, on Val's day, I had Geog test and the 1st Chinese Dance practice! My WHOLE body was like aching! Even my throat, 'cos of the 'bridge'.
Sadly, it feels like I'm the only person who either can't split or 'almost-split'. UGH. apart from a girl she had really painful cramps of the leg 'cos when she point her toes, it's like trigging the cramp.

Yes, we HAD to point our toes as much as we could. My knees were..... trembling.

Okay enough of that ^_^ I'm so boredd. Yesterday I went to manga lesson~ I finished the part where it was the running positions.

I totally wasted today. A Saturday. I lovee saturdays~~ I woke up at 9+ and did random stuffs, ate till 11-12+, and slept all the way to 5PM! Yeaa, I felt groggy but not that kind of 'sleepy' one. And I don't feel like doing anything :/ Its 11+ now, and yay I'm glad I feel sleepy(a lil').

(If your in singapore you'll know this) I want to watch ATBM2!! ALOT. I just can't seem to find the perfect people to go to watch with and the day! I wonder how long does a movie 'stay' in a cinema. 1 month? Can anyone tell me, I'll appreciate that ^^

My sister fell sick a few hrs ago. These days it have been raining seriouslyy!! She has sore throat and usually sleeps late at night for homework. YEAH, homework, LOL.

I think I shall end here. I tried my best to make good english hahaha ^^ See you guys in the next post~ Please press on the nuffnang ads ^^
Oh and do tag on my board! :D I hate those spams :/ They're talking in malay which I don't understand.

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  1. spams are the worst. and most of them are in malay. Malay is my first language, but that's not making it less annoying =_=