Friday, May 10, 2013

Recent Interests

Yeah.. Sorry I haven't been posting much > < I was busy due to my new school.

Okay so, recently my splits ain't going well either. The height difference from my body to the floor is like around 80cm? Lol. Wait a sec, I can't measure well so yapp. Everyone can almost does it. 1cm. =.=''

Recently, no wait, about 2-3 weeks ago I started watching naruto! If you don't know, I'm an otaku :3 So I finished naruto but I skipped the fillers cos' I wanted to go to the story already. Now I'm at Shippuden episode 128 ^^. I totally love Gaara, Sasori, Neji, Shikamaru, Itachi, TOBII, Deidara --- wait. It seems like I'm liking everyone 3.3 Well,,, the first person I liked was gaara anyway~ He's soo calm and cool. But in shippuden idk?, I like him better in naruto -~-

Uh and I've recently trying to pen draw. Pen draw is nicer than pencil in appearance but if you accidentally draw something wrong you can't erase it, or liquid, obviously? hahah^^

Ahh, about a few days ago my brother went to bangkok. in thailand. On friday he went, wednesday he's coming back. On sunday, I thought of a great idea. To use his computer! Yep, his comp is awesome and there's MAPLESTORY omg I freakin' miss it since the last time I played it-few years ago. I forgot my 2nd PIC (the pin) and I wanted to reset it. I kept finding a winnie pooh book that holds all the information. I kept finding finding and finding. On monday still no luck ;( .
On tuesday I turned on his comp and tried as many suitable PIC code. Then SUDDENLY something came into my mind. the book must be in his drawer!! I opened it and FOUND IT. So then I reseted it but wrongly. I went to click Artemis instead of Ares Lol. So yeap *skip skip*
I created a Mercedes! Awesome fun^^ I played 7 hours and from lv10 went to 33. lol, seems kinda noob. On wednesday!! It was the day my brother came home, but he's coming at midnight. So yap, I continued again. from lv33 to 49/50 can't remember. I'm still freakin miss it TTTT My bro knows he use it so hes more careful nowadays heh.

I'm now downloading the full client in a SLOWWW laptop. What I'm using now to blog is a Mac so no use to download it since Windows is needed. I've downloaded it but when I opened it it was a WinRAR or wut. Theres what maplesetup1/2 and setup1. Erm, I dun really understand and like winrar. I'm redownloading it again and instead of saving of WinRAR, I save to All Files. Lol. Then now its downloading but thennn it is maplestory_setup.RAR what. now I hate the word RAR. lol, sorry I'm just that childish and stupid >_> Oh well, please let me plaaayy TT I HOPE from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of exaggeration much?,
NOPE. angel

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